Lindsay Lohan on work ethic

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 9, 2006 12:00:00 May 9, 2006 12:00:00
So Lindsay dropped by the Today Show this morning for a lighthearted chat with Matt Lauer during which the pit bull of morning tv tried to get her to talk about drug use, eating disorders, and underage partying. It was gripping drama, y"all. Not quite as compelling as his classic duel with the GMD but smutty and sensational all the same. Lindsay looked like hell, fidgeted like a textbook junkie, dodged the landmines as best she could, would not discuss her blow tales, maintained that what"s written about her in the tabloids is overblown and overimagined, but the best part…the best part was when she insisted that she works hard, that she busts her coked out little ass on the job, and that she deserves to be taken seriously as an actor because she has such integrity and work ethic. "It"s not that it"s harder for me, but I work harder than most of my friends" parents, I think. I"m the hardest working person I know." Hmmm…not surprising, especially since her own mother lives off her kids and her friends" parents are too busy swinging and/or getting botox to save their marriages. I"d like to see her work a day in my "hood, maybe kick it with a few youth workers at Covenant House Vancouver, do some outreach on the city streets, see how crystal meth is ravaging our youth - it would be a nice holiday for Lindsay, don"t you think? A welcome break from sitting in her trailer, learning lines, reading scripts, going to photoshoots, shopping, and screwing half of New York City - all the things that make her "job" so taxing. Anyway, here"s Lindsay, dirty face and all, on TRL today promoting Just My Luck. Poor thing clearly has Renee Zellweger"s foundation mismatch problem. Are there no decent makeup artists in Hollywood that can fix this sh*t??? I mean seriously, how hard can it be to look clean??? Does Scott Barnes have a job these days? Because I can"t stand to see my favourite young Hollywood "It" girl walk around looking so grease. It really breaks my heart.

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