Bet your boob job this dress costs more than a full day at Covenant House Vancouver which, in case you"re wondering, is $9,000 - providing food, shelter, clothing, and counseling for 66 kids who would otherwise be living on the streets. So if you had nine grand to throw away, would you spend it on a cheap ass frock that I could have sewn together for you? Or would you support the homeless? Don"t get me wrong - I ain"t pontificating. Quite the opposite, in fact. I"m as vain as they come. And if mortgaging my house on a slam dunk dress could guarantee me a head turn from either Joaquin Phoenix or David Beckham, I"d sign the papers right away. But to call this couture is about as insulting as Sienna Miller hustling her skank ass all over my boyfriend. When everyone is clamouring to dress you, when money is no object - is it forgiveable to settle on something that looks budget at best and downright low classy at worst? For the love of Coco, she looks like she"s wearing a BIB!!! And I"m sick of talking about the bones on her back. She doesn’t eat and she likely snorts up a storm - what do you expect? Let"s focus instead on the revolting river of Orange that has dried up all over her face. She"s barely 20 but I swear to Goddess the girl already needs an eyebrow lift. Where are her friends?? Where are her real friends??? Friends don"t let friends do coke. But even more importantly, friends don"t let friends look like sh*t on the red carpet. And Lindsay Lohan is clearly hurting for true companionship.