Listen up gossips. I am all over her bandwagon. In fact, I"m officially fascinated. I know it's wrong. I know it's so Beckham, but I can't help myself. The girl is like a smut magnet, drawing me in. Devoured every word of the Vanity Fair article this weekend and I have to tell you, it was a great dishy read. Not only because La Lohan is intriguing as all hell but because that writer made Dina Lohan out to be quite possibly the biggest c-bomb in the history of child star parenting in Hollywood. Defensive, catty, opportunistic, calculating… you name it, she is it. Even more fuel for my unhealthy new celebrity obsession. Tumultous family background? Crazy mother living vicariously through her children? Moved in with much older boyfriend at 17? Drugs and alcohol? Possible implants and alleged enhancements? Multi-hyphenate who is now a fashion darling? Lindsay Lohan embodies it all. Now come on, gossips…what's not to love???