Oh look. Lindsay Lohan f-cked up. Where?
She was leaving a club. Where else?

Lohan was driving. She was trying to avoid the paps. Apparently she struck the club manager - very, very gently - while she was trying to turn around. Then, without getting out of the car and seeing if the dude was ok, she drove away. The police are investigating. Not sure if she’ll be charged but you know, the “I’m a celebrity poor me card” works really well with her. And besides, she’s supposed to be back in court in a week or so to complete her probation and is expected to be done, finally, with her legal troubles. Great timing, non?

God she is a f-cking loser.

There’s a way to invite the drama and there is a way to diffuse it. And if the excuse is that she has to deal with sh-t that no one else does, how about not hitting up the LA club scene for a while, like for 6 months, so as to prove that you’re really serious about the work, and only the work? It’s been 6 straight YEARS of fun times and night time for this girl. And still it’s never enough.

How do you drive away from a pap mob graciously?

See below. If George Clooney can manage it, who the F-CK IS LINDSAY LOHAN???