Happy New Year Mayhem! We’re only a full week into it and Lindsay Lohan is already f-cking around.

First, she broke up with her BFF. Nickname is Pooty. Real name is Patrick Audadouche, or something. This is not important. What’s important is that she accused him of stealing her leggings designs and launching his own line and he denies it and now they don’t speak anymore. Does she have any friends anymore?

Pooty insists that his creations are not Lilo-inspired. And subtly threatened  that he could f-ck her sh-t up with all her secrets if she persists in her allegations.

Curiously enough however while Lindsay is pointing fingers at Pooty, other legitimate designers are claiming she’s guilty of the same crime.

See, Lilo is expanding into clothing now. She released a few of her sketches recently and, well, one sketch looks similar to a Jen Kao dress she bought and wore in December. The photos are attached. And it’s exactly the same. No surprise. This is not an artist.

As for her love life…well… the drama with Samantha Ronson continues.

Lindsay was crack tweeting again the other night. Apparently she was “rushing” back to see Sam but then ended up accusing Sam of cheating on her. Whatever. I can’t make sense of her rambling. OF COURSE she ended up pulling down the posts quickly. But since we’re all onto her crazy, the page was cleverly screen capped for preservation.

See attached.

Needless to say, Lilo denied that she was the one crack tweeting, blaming it yet again on other people.

Sam, meanwhile, was hanging out with her brother the night in question, accompanying him to a tattoo parlour. She was surprised that the paps knew where she was and you can clearly hear her asking them if a certain “SHE” had outed her. She then makes a point of telling the paps that she doesn’t follow Lindsay on Twitter. Someone’s been cut loose.

Click here for the video.

Photos from London Entertainment/Splash