It’s comedy hour courtesy of Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter.

As you know, she’s now wearing a monitoring anklet, has been ordered by the court to stay off drugs and alcohol, and is not allowed to leave Los Angeles for “work”. Lilo insists she doesn’t have problems. So instead of staying quiet, keeping a low profile, perhaps volunteering for a change, she’s back to hanging at the Chateau Marmont, hitting the club scene (Las Palmas last night), and using Twitter to convince you that she’s walking straight.

This is a message she posted before regular person bedtime last night:

Red Bull and Waters and Work - my new bff's hehe - everyone should try it! It's more fun - you'll see :) x

She tweeted it. So that must mean it’s true?


This is a professional liar. Her lies are well documented. Her mother’s lies are well documented. It’s a Lohan Family skill.

So OF COURSE she was telling the truth when she wrote on Twitter yesterday afternoon that she was:

@ a lunch mtng w/my friend Victoria & Johnny Depp just came and said hi to me, life is good. Need I say more? NOPE!

And we’re namechecking on Twitter now. Which is totally what we would do too. You and me, non-famous people. Only she used to be one of them. And now...

She’s one of US.

Outside not inside, squealing over a celebrity sighting. IF she’s not tweeting out of her crank ass which, well, you know, is usually the default.

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