Lindsay Lohan promised on her Twitter at New Year’s that 2010 would be all about the Lohan Mayhem. In a “positive” way. Please. Is that possible? 

Lilo is currently with Ali in St Barts. The mother is nowhere to be found. They’ve been walking around in their bikinis, attending high roller parties, frying their orange skin. But of course it wouldn’t be a Lohan Holiday without some drama. 

Always drama.

These photos are the aftermath of the drama. 

Lilo and Ali crying into their phones on the yacht after Lilo punched some dude the night before who was supposedly creeping up on her 16 year old sister. According to the paps, Lindsay warned the perp to watch himself, then when he blew her off, she threw her fist into his face. Bodyguards had to separate them and Ali was escorted back to her boat where vodka bottles can be seen lying around.

How do you protect your sibling? By fighting a guy who mistakes her for an adult at an adult party or by not bringing her to the party at all? 

Big ups to Dina Lohan for sending her 16 year old away with her f-cked up first born. 

Big ups to Lindsay for retweeting Samantha Ronson’s wise words yesterday following the death of Casey Johnson: 

Am so sick of those 3 letters, so tired of losing friends to something as senseless as a drug overdose. WAKE UP people.

Photos from Spread Pictures/Fame Pictures