Allure Magazine sponsored some kind of party last night for Victoria Beckham and the usual sycophants were in attendance – Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale – but also two new additions: none other than the summer’s hottest couple, Lindsay Lohan and her lover Samantha Ronson. Yum.

It’s just like Posh to jump all over what’s intriguing and exploit it for her own gain, non? Love her.

And totally feel for her too. Vanity Fair just named its annual international best dressed list and while Mr Beckham made the cut, Mrs Beckham was notably EXcluded. Even in the couples section. Best part is, the photo they included with Becks’s mention is from the Costume Institute Gala, perhaps the WORST Victoria has looked all year.

Trust me…she noticed.

But enough of her concrete tits…let’s kick off the weekend with some Sapphic sauce.

Also attached – photos of Lilo and SamRo from earlier in the day. You’ll note, Sam didn’t bother to change for Posh’s party. Amazing.

Am all over these two, as you know, but also very sensitive to the Lilo telltale signs. Weightloss in her case usually portends badness. At least it has in the past. And she’s looking awfully trim, especially in those jeans. Maybe she’s hitting the gym? Let’s go with that for now, shall we?

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