Just another weekend for Lindsay Lohan.

She and Samantha Ronson were in New York for Sam’s sister Charlotte’s show at Fashion Week. On Saturday night they were supposed to head to Florida to co-host a Valentine’s Day party.

On Friday night however the two were spotted in New York, very late, screaming at each other on the street. Word is Lilo kept apologising and pleading for Sam to forgive her. 

The next morning, the official excuse was “ear infections” and they bailed on the bash.

Clearly feeling better the next day, Lilo headed out on Sunday to spend some money – money her mother could certainly use. Apparently there’s a lien on Dina Lohan’s house because she’s behind on her taxes

Only $11,485.74. And I say only because for these people, that’s the price of a handbag. Dina Lohan can afford eleven thousand. Trust. She just chooses not to pay taxes because she’d rather spend it on a hired driver in an SUV. A good mother knows her priorities.

This is why Lilo has such amazing work ethic. 

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Splashnewsonline.com and Gettyimages.com