For someone like Dina Lohan, befriending Ann Dexter-Jones yields many more benefits. After all, Ann has an established place on the New York social circle, far from the fake nails and mall hair Long Island pond that Dina calls her kingdom.

Ann entertains the likes of Al Pacino and David Bowie at her legendary dinner parties. So when you strip it all down, it’s the Lohans who are trying to earn acceptance, and not the other way around.

As such, since the girls were in New York over the weekend, Dina exploited the occasion by arranging a mom date – trying to get as much face time in with Ann as possible. The differences between the two are amazing.

Ann is all moneyed confidence – nothing too flashy, wearing flats, no immediately discernible labels. And then there’s Dina. Brassy highlights and sheer animal print, the bag looks like a knockoff, and always always heels, just in case George Clooney shows up.

Some bitches will never belong.

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