While the MiniVan Majority is deeply offended over a nipple, curiously enough, apparently it doesn’t mind lesbians.

It’s when gay gets in the way of their fantasies – that’s when it becomes a problem, see? Which is why, sadly, the boys get shafted while the girls get accepted.

The headline article today on People.com features the hottest couple of the moment, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, in Miami to spend time with the Ronson family and, unlike before, the magazine does not use vague language to describe the relationship.

Lilo and SamRo weren’t “hiding their affection at all” and according to an onlooker, “you can tell they’re so in love.”

With each other and with themselves.

This is an artist drawing that SamRo just put up on her MySpace: the Sapphic Smiths with Lindsay cast as Angie and Sam the female Pitt.

They’re so vain…

But I kinda love it.


Source ONTD