By the time Lindsay Lohan was 17, she was living on her own at the Chateau Marmont, hooking up with older men, propositioning other older men, kicking off a crank journey that continues today.

Taylor Momsen in 16. She says she feels much older. That she is more mature than those her age. That she’s in a band, is an actor, is an artist, and therefore doesn’t need to go to school.

So it was inevitable that they would find each other. In the front row at G-Star Raw in New York for fashion week, thick as thieves, ready to get their snort on, living for the camera, enamoured with their own amazingness and black eyeliner.
Lilo has many lessons to teach her new protégé including how to smash your Benz into a curb and leave the scene, chase innocent people down the freeway, and pass out in front of the paps.

Yay for child stardom.

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