She talks about this a lot. Once she said that one of her life goals was to win an Oscar before the age of 30. I still laugh about that one. This is a classic Lohan delusion. Daydreaming about something so out of reach, like it’s actually a possibility, for the sake of the achievement itself, without actually stopping to consider what it would take to make that a reality.

Lohans want the status, they never want to put in the work. And they feel they are owed. Lindsay Lohan talks about Oscar like it’s a thing that was meant FOR HER. Like it’s an entitlement. Like the Academy Awards exist to validate her talent…which no one can seem to remember anymore.

This is the most recent example. Dina told Radar Online that Lilo’s brother Michael, her next pimp project, is looking to make a movie.

"We're working on a movie for him, and I am the executive producer, with Michael being the star. (Lindsay said) 'He better not win an Academy Award before me!' Lindsay thinks her brother is an incredible actor, and she is excited for him to join the business."

They don’t even have financing yet… and already they’re straddling Oscar and forcing him to the ground, a family of stalkers, like those people who keep showing up to your party even though you’d made it clear they’re not invited.

Let’s focus on sobriety for a while, shall we?

I’m re-attaching these photos of Lilo last week after dinner in Venice Beach because the backstory is all too familiar. A very trusted reader called M lives on that street. M heard the pap commotion and looked out the window. Initially Lindsay was fronting like the paps were a bother, begging them to stop shooting her. Then she stopped and started posing.

Thing is, paps don’t hang out around there. Not unless they’re called. And parking isn’t hard to find around there either. In fact, it’s readily available. Which is why it’s very curious why Lilo had to walk to her car... FOUR BLOCKS AWAY.

There’s rehab for addiction, and then there are the habits that nothing can fix. This girl, clean or not, will always, always be a self-indulgent narcissist.

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