As you’ve heard, Lindsay was let off today – the court recalled her arrest warrant after her lawyer went in there to argue that she’s only missed her alcohol education classes because of pap interference.

How come pap interference never interferes with her partying? Or going to Jack Nicholson’s at 2 o’clock in the morning?

It was a triumphant morning for Lilo and she made quick work announcing it to the industry with her attorney fully presenting the conclusion of the case to the media following the decision just to make sure those who make the movie decisions are well aware that, for now, Lindsay is not in legal trouble.

Only a matter of time. Besides, no one believes it anyway. Right now, she’s more unhireable than ever (seriously, that needs to be an official word).

So now that she’s off the hook, she’s back doing what she does best. After dutifully attending her mandated classes, Lilo went to get her hair done today. Will probably be cranked by midnight at the Marmont and perhaps, once again, hitting up Jack just before dawn.

Image rehabilitation clearly isn’t a priority although she expects the rewards without the work. Yay for child stardom, yay for Dina Lohan!

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