As I reported exclusively several weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan’s motivation to enter and extend her Promises treatment was allegedly primarily professional. The studio behind her next film supposedly could not get insured unless Lindsay submitted to rehab and made a big public stink of committing to getting clean.

Unfortunately it looks like Lilo’s immediate return to the party scene, and to Vegas no less, last week has given investors and insurers enough pause to pull the plug on the picture.

Production on Poor Things will apparently not go forward and Lindsay Lohan appears to be the only reason as no one wants to be attached to something that may or may not be delayed the next time she suffers from “exhaustion” or “dehydration” or an “asthma attack”.

Even more alarming is the repercussion that will surely follow. Because even though the studio stopped the bleeding before the bleeding got out of control, there were undeniably costs that were incurred up to this point. In other words, people lost money as a result of Lindsay’s foolishness. And this is above all things a money town. Forgiveness might come easy over using drugs but forgiveness never comes easy over thousands of dollars down the sh-tter.

Still… in spite of the club-hopping and the constant exposure to the vices she says she’s given up, Lilo is hellbent on convincing us that she is indeed sober. You will note - that ankle monitor is the new “water bottle”.

Here she is the other day looking 40 years old out and as saggy as I am (big tits suck...see?). Curiously enough though, photographers did not seem to catch her turning herself in at the Beverly Hills police station yesterday.

Lilo has now formally been arrested and released on DUI and hit and run charges and is expected in court on August 24, one week after Nicole Richie who will, naturally, show up pushing that bump out for sympathy. Wouldn’t put it past a child of Dina Lohan to do the same.

Valuable lessons from Mom - trash breeding trash breeding trash, only to avoid jailtime.

Do you love it, or do you love it?

PS. Those wide legs make her look awfully tall – every Asian’s dream. I just may have to stop resisting.