Oh but there’s still an entire month to go.

Is it a personal goal now? To get arrested at least once a year?

As you may have heard, Lindsay Lohan went to a club last night after Justin Bieber’s show at Madison Square Garden. At some point she was seen arguing with a woman in the next booth, telling her to “Give me my space”.  A short while after that, Lindsay Chris Browned the girl in the face. She got into a friend’s car and tried to bail but cops pulled her over and cuffed her and took her to the station. It was 4am. As Jim Rome always says, nothing good happens at 4am. Lohan was released this morning. She’s in the green dress covering her face. I’ve also attached shots of the woman who alleges Lohan punched her. As you can see, because this looks like a lady of purity and innocence, she’s graciously moving aside her hair to show us her injuries.

Club scene, 4am, I mean this is the sh-t you’re rolling around in, you know?

But how many times have you heard Lindsay Lohan say that other kids went to college and they partied too, I was just living out my youth. Sure. But she’s 26 years old now. That party is almost a decade long. 

So now, since she’s on probation, they say this could be considered a serious violation, especially in combination with the fact that cops are about to bust her ass for lying about not driving her Porsche when it crashed up on a truck in the summer.

And this means going back to jail. For a few hours until they release her for overcrowding.

Professionally though, it won’t be so easy.

As previously mentioned, everyone in LA is waking up to this story right now. Oh, look, Lindsay Lohan got arrested again. A fight in a club? Sh-t that girl is a roughneck. At this point, movies-of-the-week might even be off the table now. And at this point I wonder if Rogers and Cowan will want to keep her on as a client. As reported earlier this month, the PR firm, specialising in celebrity scandal, was putting in place a game plan to help turn Lohan’s career around. She promised them she’d keep her sh-t tight. And she did. For 2 weeks. It never lasts with this loser, see? And if she can’t hold it together and secure jobs, to PAY THEM, why would they bother keeping her on as a client?

Well, it depends on whether or not they’re dumb enough to believe her excuses. They’re coming. She was set up, obviously. That bitch hit her first, of course. She’s being bullied, always. It’s not her fault, no never.

It’s camera time for Dina soon. Wait for it.

Click here to watch video of Lohan’s arrest and hear her wailing like she has no f-cking idea why anyone would arrest her.