Woody Allen agreed to meet Lindsay Lohan for dinner the other night in New York. The paps were there to shoot them on their way out. Of course. And who do you think texted them the location?

As you know, the Met Gala is tonight. Rumour has it Lohan is desperate to attend. And desperate to find someone to dress her. But Anna Wintour personally approves every name on the list. Anna made Kate Upton pay out her own cash money to go as a guest of Michael Kors (obviously). So if Anna lets Lohan in, and that’s a mega IF, it won’t be free and she’ll be scrambling to find something to wear. Because, like, who needs Lindsay Lohan in their clothes?

The only way this happens is if Anna lets it go down for amusement - to watch Lohan hustle up to every table, to laugh when Kristen Stewart sneers at her from the Balenciaga section, to shriek with delight watching Carey Mulligan try to escape after getting cornered by it in the bathroom until, finally, but who else?, Gwyneth Paltrow comes by, all noblesse oblige, and recommends her therapist.

Please. At least let us watch.