Before we get to that let’s revisit Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter claim yesterday about Johnny Depp coming to say hello to her. Click here for a refresher. According to this site, Johnny has been on holiday in Greece. Lilo tweeted that she saw him on Wednesday. It’s very possible Johnny was indeed in LA on Wednesday, but it seems even more possible that she’s a liar, and that he went nowhere near her.

Because he’s stealth. Very, very stealth. And WHY would Johnny Depp hang out where she hangs out?

There was a documentary about The Doors released recently called When You’re Strange directed by Tom DiCillo and narrated by Johnny Depp. According to Entertainment Weekly:

“Depp was my first choice,” says the director, who wanted a narrator with a strong connection to the band. “Johnny is a Doors fans. I think he identified with their artistic struggle and the attempt to maintain integrity in a world that requires you to get bigger and bigger”.

DiCillo and Depp never had a single meeting for the project, and, in fact, the director doesn’t even know where the actor’s lines were recorded. (He’s very secretive, and I respect that,” says DiCillo.)

So Johnny Depp lends his voice to a movie he clearly cares about and is too shy to meet the director who’s making a movie about a band he worships but he’s going to stomp across a restaurant and greet Lindsay Lohan? Sure.

Lilo met with her probation officer yesterday and was given instructions about her random drug testing. Then she went shopping with a really bloated face. Some of you have suggested that she’s looking more and more like Rachel Uchitel. I love this.

And of course late at night it was time for some crank tweeting:

can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!? x

So f-cking ghetto.

says if she decorates that sh-t she’s in violation of the rules and could be reprimanded. And so it should be. It’s a deterrent. It’s not an accessory.


Only Lindsay Lohan shoots promo shots and posters for a movie that has yet to secure funding. In other words, they can’t start filming yet. But who cares. It’s all about the right hair and makeup.

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