Almost from the moment she left rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been leaking that she's been staying sober by f-cking Tom Hardy. There were reports that he was her sober coach. Then he denied that. So she's probably been all over his ass trying to angle for a set of "candids" of them getting coffee or going bowling.

Hardy is engaged to British actress Charlotte Riley. No girl, no matter how secure, would enjoy any speculation about her man and Lindsay Lohan. Needless to say then, Tom hasn't yet been responsive to Lohan's begging. Which is why Lilo has had to resort to this. On Twitter - where else? - posting out of the blue yesterday a clarification tweet that she and Tom are just friends, thus linking their names together again.

Tom Hardy is just a friend of mine.... The tabloids are wrong

In other words, Tom Hardy has made headlines once in the last month for being Bane in the new Batman, and three times for being Lilo's bff.

Again, as noted previously, if I'm his PR, I'm not happy about this at all. The problem though - in this case - is that he's a good guy. He legitimately doesn't want her to continue sucking at life, having had his own dark times and come through. Unfortunately Tom's compassion is misplaced. Because while Lilo is an addict recovered, she's also a selfish narcissist, always. And she will bleed all the attention she can out of whoever she can until she brings that person down with her.

Is it time for a rescue?

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