Last night in LA at a club called Bardot – Lindsay Lohan, with Samantha Ronson, Kelly Osbourne, and Kirsten Dunst, all present and accounted for, all with their own rehab history, at the same places too!

Lilo and Kelly both chose Promises.
Lilo and Kiki both chose the Cirque Lodge.

Lilo’s like the Kevin Bacon of treatment facilities, non? And she has spent the better part of 7 months, since the Cannes film festival, attending party after party, hitting up lounge after lounge, like this will help with her completely stalled film career.

Needless to say, it’s not happening. Not when no one wants to insure her, not when, during her shenanigans, other young starlets have taken her place, and especially now in a sh-tty economy, why take extra risks on a potential disaster when her time has come and gone?

Most hilarious rumour?

Word is she’s begging for a cameo in the Twilight sequel … but right now, they’re not even interested in a meeting. Snort.

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