Let this be a warning for those of you in the industry half-cocked to hire Lindsay Lohan: she is (still) unhireable, and likely always will be.

So she’s driving on the Pacific Coast Highway the other day in a rented 911 Porsche 2012. Smashes into a truck. Claims it wasn’t her fault. Of course not. The driver says she was speeding. Also claims that she didn’t bother to exchange information with him and packed up a suspicious looking pink bag. Her people allegedly offered to pay him off. And then she called up TMZ to tell them that the brakes failed.

On a brand new Porsche?

Who do you believe? Porsche or Lindsay Lohan?

F-ck off.

Lindsay Lohan can’t go a week without drama. If it’s not totalling her car on the freeway, it’s a suspicious substance coming out of her nose, or a passport gone missing, or necklace that was never paid for ending up around her neck. Don’t blame this on anything other than the fact that she’s a LOSER. She will never not be a loser. She will never not be the person who can’t afford her own proper Porsche but has to be seen driving one and rents it instead. Think about what that says about a person. About HER. That in spite of all the attention she seeks and receives, she chooses to roll around town in a high profile vehicle rather than get behind the wheel of a modest, affordable sedan to take her to and from work, where she’s not so much interested in the actual substance of the job but rather how many people are talking about her doing the job.

The job? The job looks like a series of photoshoots, as evidenced from the set photos that have emerged. There appears not to be any acting. Just an exercise in hair and makeup. But what else do you expect from a movie of the week on Lifetime, a network that can’t even afford to provide her with a driver to and from set which, by the way, is usually industry standard. And you can’t tell me she would turn that sh-t down if it had actually been offered to her.