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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 29, 2010 12:25:30 March 29, 2010 12:25:30

By now I'm sure you've seen these photos of a busted face Lindsay Lohan out and about in LA the other night with curious white powder floating out of her shoes. Automatic assumption would be cocaine. Obviously. I mean it's Lilo after all. However, more probably, as Michael K from suggested, the substance is likely baby powder for foot odour. Or a desperate ploy more attention. Success.

As Lilo continues f-cking around with her life, TMZ has posted two aggressive stories calling her straight out for being an addict citing sources close to Lohan and police contacts too who see her night after night and have expressed concern about her wellbeing. Lilo meanwhile denied the validity of the claims via Gossip Cop claiming that she’s “healthy”. Please.

This weekend Lindsay attended blogger Perez Hilton’s birthday party. Perez has been relentless in his criticism of her. And rightly so. She’s a mess. Still... she needed somewhere to go. So she’d rather be seen in the company of someone who bitched out her crank ass than not be seen at all.

And her mother? Who is supposed to love her, do what’s best for her?

Her mother is ... somewhere promoting herself? Trying to find a boyfriend? Buying clothes? All possibilities. As of press time, Dina Lohan has not chained herself to her oldest, has not been desperate enough to save her. Great parenting.

You say that someone can’t be helped unless they want to help herself. True. But you also can’t say you’ve tried everything unless you’ve tried everything. If that were me, my mother would be surgically attached to me by now. She’d take her squawking band of Chinese mah-jong hens and bust down the door of every dealer and go triad on their asses. She’d block the door to my house, she’d blow the tires out of my car, she’d take out a second mortgage to hire security to keep out the sycophants and enablers away. She would exhaust every option.

So where the f-ck are you Dina Lohan? There are SO many more Dina Lohans in training. It’s a public service announcement but no one is getting the message. They all want to have a Lindsay and be a Dina.

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