Lindsay Lohan wants to come to Cannes. Of course she does. The world’s press is here. And the parties are wild. So why not get cranked on the French Riviera? Lilo also wants to promote her upcoming turn as porn star Linda Lovelace, the only role she could land.


She can’t afford it. And no one wants to cover costs. See? Skint. Ass. Scag.

Having said that, there’s always the chance that she told Page Six this herself, kind of like a public appeal, hoping that some rich Euro sleaze will offer up his yacht... in exchange for some Lovelace style services. She’ll call it “research” for the role. Method spread.

One way or another, she’s so hard up to get here, she’ll do whatever it takes.

Last time she in Cannes she and Samantha Ronson flaunted their relationship, remember these shots?

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