Three men have revealed to TMZ that Lindsay Lohan was indeed drinking and driving on the night in question. They were all at a party, she was not seen without a drink all night, did at least one shot, got into some kind of scrap with her assistant and yes, hijacked some dude’s SUV and sped off in pursuit of her assistant with a couple of the boys still in the vehicle when the girl fled the scene. At one point Lilo was doing 100 down the highway, allegedly not heeding the pleas of her passengers to slow down, insisting that “I can"t get in trouble. I"m a celebrity. I can do whatever the f**k I want."

The chase led to her assistant’s mother’s house, who happened to be pulling in to the driveway. Seeing Lilo careening towards her, the assistant’s mother panicked and started driving away again towards the police station. Lindsay followed in a hot rage, at times running lights to stay close to her target. Tthe police were alerted, and again Lindsay reportedly said, “I"m a celebrity. I"m not going to get in trouble."

Eventually all cars stopped in a parking lot by the station and Lilo supposedly told the cops that "I wasn"t driving. The black kid was driving."

And then she failed her field sobriety test.

So much for Dina’s friend Gina trying to imply the other day that Lindsay may not have been behind the wheel. And so much for owning her own actions. But then again, who’d expect a child of Dina Lohan to actually grow up accountable?


Click here for the full play by play of the car chase from the perspective of the 3 witnesses