Dina Lohan, best mother ever, must be so proud.

Not only did her daughter straddle some random in Italy on NYE in front of the paps, she was also caught hooching straight from the bottle – which means, big surprise, Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon. See the video here and also confirmed by her lawyer to TMZ.com:

"The good news was that Lindsay stopped herself that night, called her sponsor, and got herself immediately back on track. There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her "one day at a time" with the entire world."

Uhhh…no. She did NOT stop herself that night. She let some dude nail her first, made out with him on a balcony at her hotel the next morning, realised photos had been taken, AND THEN called her lawyer to call her sponsor.

As for there being no magic cure…conceded. But one of the cures would surely be to stay away from clubs and from bars and from parties, non? At least for a few months, yes? You don’t need a luxury rehabilitation facility like Le Cirque that charges $30,000 a month to tell you that kicking addiction means changing a lifestyle, do you?

And where was Dina through all of this? Well… Dina was busy turning her other two kids into whores too. Justice!