It’s Lilo’s birthday today – 22 now and what a difference a year makes. Or does it? Last year she was partying in Malibu, just before her third stint in rehab. This year she’s in love with Samantha Ronson, working hard on a film set, and, for the most part, staying off the club circuit.

So why is my smutty sense tingling?

Smutty senses can be wrong. Hopefully in this case it’s wrong.

But there’s some thinnification going on… and with her, you know it’s never just diet and exercise. Then again, maybe 22 means Lindsay Lohan is a new girl.

Here she is with SamRo celebrating today and hitting the shops wearing what looks like a pink bib attached to her camisole. Hate it.

Tonight it’s a private party at Teddy’s, one of her old haunts, way back when she’d get cranked and stupid. Supposedly it’ll be a quieter affair this evening.

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