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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 23, 2007 00:00:00 August 23, 2007 00:00:00

No felonies. Seven misdemeanors but no felonies and a plea bargain expected to be reached any second which means she will only do 4 days in the clink … if that.

So Lindsay Lohan twice drinks, drugs, and drives, once smashing her Mercedes, the other time recklessly giving chase on the highway and for all that, absolutely nothing. Which means she’ll never learn. Which means there is still no accountability for these brainless twats running around Hollywood. Which means there will probably be another time and more possible victims.

Of course there were technicalities. Something about not enough cocaine found, something about not being able to prove it was hers, and TMZ says what saved her is that she actually had two DUIs back to back, and that she went straight to rehab both times, proving she has an addiction problem. No kidding. Her f*cked up family history also played a part – authorities felt that clearly this is a troubled young girl who deserves a second chance.

Between her and Pete Doherty, apparently you can never be arrested enough times to go to prison. In her case, driving around with a car as her weapon still doesn’t constitute an offence worth going to the slammer for. Now I can understand addiction. What I consider unforgivable is that she keeps getting behind the wheel. But you bet your boob job if that were you or me we’d be licking sh-t off a toilet bowl in a Thai prison by now.

Needless to stay, that worthless cheese of a mother of hers will come up with every excuse under the sun and send her paycheque right back out there after rehab.

Maybe I’m just a hungry, grumpy hag because of this cleanse I’m on but seriously, how much long before we see her in this state again?


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