Crank leaks and crank tweets

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 7, 2010 16:15:58 May 7, 2010 16:15:58

This is Lindsay Lohan arriving back in New York today with a bloated busted face. Her ma was with her too. So she can say that “mommy” knows best how to control the crank. Sure. Because mommy is sharing the goddamn crank.

The latest in Lilo’s self created drama? She’s been on Twitter complaining that someone keeps “leaking” her tracks. It’s a song called Can’t Stop and she claims it wasn’t her but since it’s now online, she tweets that she’ll do a video for it so that she can take back control on its release. Convenient, non? Just like it wasn’t her who told the paps that a fake Robert Pattinson was heading off to meet her the other night. But how is a skint ass scag going to come up with a video budget? Right. Porn.

You know what’s funnier? Read the comments on the YouTube video. It’s her fans begging people not to link to the clip because Lindsay says she doesn’t want it out there. Like they’re protecting her. Who makes such stupid people?

As for the song? Per usual these days it’s Autotune. Which is especially essential in her case because the bitch can’t sing. All you have to do now is push a button. Having said that, I want to try Autotune so badly. Autotune should be an activity at an amusement park, the way they used to (still do?) have those singing booths where you could cut your own record. I still have my copy of Borderline kicking around somewhere.

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