More Lohan delusions. That family, they are so gifted at convincing themselves of the most ridiculous lies, at talking themselves into their versions of the truth. Have you met people who do this?

It fascinates me.

Lindsay Lohan’s latest imaginary reality?

That she’s friends with Penelope Cruz.

Check out this Lilo interview at one of the Oscar parties. As you can see, she’s totally cranked out, can’t really focus, super fidgety, incapable of sustained eye contact, and has a few new projects on the go…none of them related to acting:

Friends with Penelope Cruz?

A spray tan?


And a lot of “meetings for movies”?

Please. Stick to the spray tan. There is no way Penelope Cruz want a part of this mess. Penelope Cruz won’t even admit to dating Javier Bardem. Why would she ever associate with this crackhead?

Also for your starving pleasure…

A new Lilo photo shoot for Hedi Slimane that very much shows off her extreme thinness that was apparently achieved through “stress and yoga once a week.”

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