Lindsay Lohan went to court today for a progress report on her probation. Supposedly the probation officer has a hard-on to get her thrown back in prison. The probation officer is clearly our friend. The judge was impartial though, not totally siding with the PO but also giving Lohan the gears for being...well... a f-cking loser.

Apparently Lohan, who has had a thousand lucky breaks and chances, isn’t taking her community service very seriously. Well that’s, errrm, unexpected. Only 33 hours out of a required 480 have been completed since she was let out. What does she do with the rest of her time? Throwing parties, shopping, generally wasting her goddamn time. And the judge knows it. Because she checks the blogs!

“I’m not going to give her five extra minutes. I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh, I couldn’t do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.’”

In addition bailing out of her community service, Lohan has also not submitted to psychological evaluation, something that was agreed to as part of her plea. And what’s the excuse this time?

This one is more plausible: according to her lawyer she can’t afford it.

The judge didn’t give a sh-t and she has 21 days to show up for evaluation. But let’s get back to the money issue. Lohan lives like it’s still 2005. That Venice Beach townhouse is at least over a million. The mortgage, or the rent, that should be enough to cover therapy, right? And her shopping, the shoes, the drivers, the excess, clearly that can be downsized too?

Here’s how, again, the industry can fail young stars. Because they’re not given the tools to manage...anything. Their time, their assets, their moods. When it’s a Yes game all the time, when an assistant wipes your ass from the age of 15, how can you possibly become a proper adult? Of course Lohan has no money. She hasn’t earned any in a long, long time. But she didn’t save either.

Who’s her manager? Who’s supposed to be looking out for her sh-t?

Of course. It’s her mother. So there’s that.

Pretty soon, she won’t be able to pay her legal fees. In short, several million dollars have been squandered. At least 10. $10 million dollars. Over the course of a very short career. At only 25. If she wasn’t such an asshole it would actually be tragic.

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