Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be in court in LA tomorrow for... I can’t remember, there are too many reasons. TMZ is now reporting that she won’t show. According to her new lawyer, she’s sick in New York and has a doctor’s note for a respiratory infection and won’t be able to travel.


It’s like that time Lance Armstrong was busted for cortisone at the Tour de France and they backdated a prescription for him for saddle sores.

Supposedly she went to see the doctor on Saturday. But, as TMZ points out, she was also papped that day shopping with her shady billionaire friend, Vikram Chatwal. You remember him, don’t you? Click here for a refresher on what it is that Lohan and Chatwal do together. In every city it seems Lindsay Lohan has a rich dude, or two, to pay...for things. And what do they get in return, these men?

Anyway, TMZ says Lohan is f-cked now because the judge is already pissed at her for changing legal representation and now that these pictures are out there that seem to contradict her story, a warrant could be issued for her arrest. And she thought all she had to do was stay off Twitter for 3 days, loser.