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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 6, 2013 14:35:26 August 6, 2013 14:35:26

It's been a week since Lindsay Lohan was let out of rehab. In almost every article published after her release, Lohan has been described as "happy and healthy". Check her out in New York yesterday being followed around by Oprah's cameras for that reality series that will air on OWN. "Happy and healthy" indeed. She's in great spirits. Well, of course she is. There's a f-cking camera in her face. That, right there, is what remains unchanged, even after treatment: the insatiatable need for attention, a Lohan family trait. It, too, has been the source of many of her problems. Maybe even the primary source of her problems. Oh, yeah, and also entitlement and ego.

But, you know, Oprah's on her side now. And Oprah is supposed to be some kind of saviour. In addition to the exposure, Oprah's fronted Lohan some cash and given her a chance. I wonder if it's her way of proving she really is Jesus.

Interestingly enough though, as magnanimous as Oprah is, she wasn't able to get Lohan an invite to The Butler premiere last night. Wasn't able to...or didn't want to?

Opes wore pink and big hair. I've always wanted to do my hair like this, just to try, just once. It's a great look on her, isn't it?

Wenn, Tom Meinelt /Splash

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