Lindsay Lohan wasn’t actually lying about doing a play. It’s now been confirmed that she’s doing Speed-the-Plow in London from September 24 to November 30. That’s 8 shows a week.

Can Lindsay Lohan show up, on time, for 8 shows a week?

That’s the kind of work ethic she hasn’t been able to sustain in a long, long time. If ever. Remember, doing a movie isn’t like doing a play. There’s a live audience expecting to be entertained for three hours. It’s not a crew that you can abuse, leave them standing around while you take a nap in your trailer, hoping you can get your sh-t together.

But someone evidently thinks she can do it for that long without getting bored. So…

This is happening.


There’s an entire summer of rehearsals to get through. Let’s see if she can make it through that first. And hope they’ve a really good understudy.

And if it is possible? If Lindsay Lohan can show the discipline required to be on stage. If she can? It’ll go a long way in rehabilitating her career. If she can.