Now it makes sense.

No one had a clue why the Capri Film Festival honoured Lindsay Lohan last year but just a month later, she shows up Sunday night at the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion, and Art Festival…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

As for the return of her pinned pupils? Absolutely NO coincidence whatsoever.

Dumbass is most definitely using something. In addition to bronzer badly applied.

Also attached – Lilo at the Ivy the other day having lunch and covering her face. AT THE IVY!

But while her oldest daughter is busy being a stupid twat, on the verge of a serious relapse, Dina Lohan is supposedly raging against Denise Richards.

Curious the similarities between the two, non? Both women with suspicious “dancer” pasts, both with no viable career to call their own, will lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want, will sell out their own children in exchange for fame and security.

Why aren’t Dina and Denise the best of friends?

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