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Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 1, 2010 09:02:33 April 1, 2010 09:02:33

Lindsay Lohan showed up at Perez Hilton’s party the other night even though he regularly calls her a f-cking mess. Last night she was at the Star Magazine Young Stars event. A tabloid party? I mean... this is a new level of desperation. Especially since it’s been a rather epic week in the drama-filled life of Lilo whose father called a presser the other day to declare that he’ll be dragging her to rehab by her weave. Or something. You’d think, given the intensity around her right now, she’d prefer to lay low, non? Please. It’s not possible. She is a Lohan, after all, drugged up or not.

And she was up crack tweeting again last night. Probably hasn’t slept. Yelling at her father, printing his text messages to her, and something about a fight that went down last night. She’s pulled down the tweets already but this was the text:

Someone, who I've mentioned in the past, due to hitting me, punched me in the stomache tonight*i always ask myself, why? Why me? I swear to g-d I DON'T KNOW-but it hurt so much, I feel to the floor, and more so, I was used and ignored, welll then again.....

Someone, which i've mentioned in the past, fell back into the person they used to be when they'd verbally&psychically abused&hurt me....

tonight, i'm sharing my utmost honest, truth, and care for any others that may live through this...when i say, that, I TOO, ALWAYS ask----->

myself, again&again, "why? why me? i've been through enough, why me?" NO1 in this world, should EVER wish upon, any pain for any other---->

it reminded me of when my father would verbally/literally HURT my mother, brothers, sister Aliana

now, as scary for me-->mind, body&sould- it's been, why, i ask u? why me? i've worked so hard, and still work so hard in life-i try to do as

fmuch as i can to put my fathers lack of appreciation-towards his family, friends, co-workers, dhioner towards himself , his denituy...."

There it is.

The classic “why me”.

You take away the addiction and there still remains a Why Me. THIS is the problem.

But, as is her custom, she deleted her crank ramblings, and proceeded like it was all good. Except one last dig at Samantha Ronson asking her if the “hit” felt good. Click here to see it before she pulls that down too. Crazy twat.

At some point in the night she also went to a drive-thru. Didn’t want to be photographed – why not??? – in the backseat. Apparently there’s a tat on her arm that reads “I’m a star I’m a star”.

As for that White Powder Incident from a few days ago, well, George Lopez engaged her in a Twitter war about it, and she yelled back, and oh guess what? Now she’ll be guesting on his talk show to clear the air. Thanks for treating us like idiots. Now we’ll be treated to some kind of afternoon intervention. Either that or he’ll jump up her ass. Great. Can’t wait.

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