Girl’s gotta hustle.

How else can she afford the lifestyle? There’s her sister to support. And her mother too.

So Lindsay Lohan hopped on a plane on Saturday headed for Montreal where she was hired to host a party. Here she is with her Dirty Face posing for some shady looking photos in a hotel suite before heading to Tribe Hyperclub where a thousand wannabes overpaid for the privilege of being able to say they partied with Lilo. I hate people.

They stared at her all night while she pretended to not want to be stared at and then she bailed on the red carpet while she was leaving, the most eventful part of the evening. In and out, she was on a plane on Sunday, having spent under 12 hours in the city, cranked up and no sleep, still trying to convince someone, anyone, that she can make movies, that she has a movie to make starting in October. Sure. And these pictures will totally help her cause.

As for the discussion on whether or not Lindsay Lohan constitutes sad smut – if she does for you, please skip over her articles. Because right now she doesn’t for me. Mark Waters, who directed Lindsay in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, summed it up best when he commented recently on her spectacular descent:

“The issue with Lindsay is that she’s unbelievable raw talent. She’s got this natural instinct for what she does and she’s naturally kind of charismatic. But she’s always been more interested in the celebrity that comes from the work as opposed to the work itself.

Photos from Sultana/Ultrawig/