Crack head is back from India where she claimed to have been on a humanitarian mission with the BBC to film a documentary on child trafficking, a decision that has come under heavy criticism. The Guardian asks the right question: What Has India Done to Deserve Lindsay Lohan? Child trafficking is a serious, serious issue. Is Lilo really the best person to represent it?

Those who are actually rescuing the victims certainly don’t seem to think so. As you know, Lilo can’t help herself from the crack tweeting, and so she claimed on Twitter to have saved over 40 children when in fact she wasn’t even in the country when the saving happened. The organisation that performed the saving spoke out against her publicly this weekend and has lodged a complaint with the BBC for the fraud.

Everything she touches turns to sh-t these days. Kinda like Ebola.

Lilo is back in America now. You’ll note a few days in India did not do much to help the swelling in her lips. Of course she’s still tweeting. Of course she’s still full of delusions. Of course she keeps writing at people who ignore her completely. And her desperation has now found its way to Rihanna:

“I f-cking love Rihanna so much and I have too much in common w/her NOT to be friends w/her* gorgeous girl and smart!”

What in common? Rihanna isn’t a junkie. Rihanna also isn’t pissing away her talent. And Rihanna is definitely not selling her budget ass sh-t on a poor house website.

Have you seen this? Click here for the Lohan House garage sale. So embarrassing.

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