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Page Six reported yesterday that Lindsay Lohan’s 6 episode appearance on Ugly Betty has now been slashed to 4 because she and America Ferrera clashed on set. According to their report, Lilo was a nightmare to work with and America told her to beat it.

Us Weekly on the other hand is countering that it was America who initiated the rift because she was jealous about Lindsay getting so much attention – this was published obviously after receiving a phone call from someone in the Lohan camp.

TV Guide is taking the neutral position, insisting that after speaking with Vanessa Williams and other on set sources it’s all been blown out of proportion and that there was no drama on set.

There was totally drama on set.

Sorry to gloat and look away if you can’t stand but as I first reported exclusively a month ago:

Word is America Ferrera was not sad to say goodbye after Lindsay wrapped her latest stint on Ugly Betty. Not only because of the irritating pap presence, not only because it’s always about Lilo, but because she did not approve of the increasingly frequent special deliveries allegedly being made to her guest star… deliveries that helped her stay sharp on 12 hour days and keep her sharp through the night.

Am told America wanted no part of that kind of behaviour on her set. And that she’s supposedly lobbying show producers never to invite it back.

Click here for the full link from September 22nd.

Straitlaced and sanctimonious, America is supposedly offended by Lilo’s abuse of privilege and sees her inclusion on Ugly Betty as an implied endorsement of her lifestyle…

Which totally makes sense.

If she can use and use and people keep hiring her anyway, why would anything ever need to be any different?

This is Lindsay in Japan for a fashion show earlier this week. Samantha was hired to dj over there at some party. Hello Kitties are all over lesbians now.

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