Lilo went dark yesterday, seen here leaving the James Blunt concert, and looks much, much better. Unfortunately the Dirty Face still persists.

Seriously, what is wrong with this child and her foundation/self tanner/bronzer/blush issues???

As you can see, Lindsay is rockin’ a little bloat around the face… which actually could be a good thing. She typically loses weight when she’s in trouble and a fuller Lilo is “generally” a sober one, although in her case, given her reluctance to give up the party life, it’s probably only a matter of time.

And of course through it all, Dina is too busy working on her reality tv show.


PS. Yes, she"s supposedly f&cked James Blunt. Yes, she was looking to ride it last night too. No, I can"t believe it either. That a dude who writes those kind of limp dick songs can actually get it up.

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