Her collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week yesterday. And it was a disaster. An unmitigated disaster. Women’s Wear Daily called the Lohan-inspired designs “an embarrassment” while the NY Times compared the effort to a “McDonald’s fry cook taking the reins of a three-star Michelin restaurant.”



The entire NY Times article is a SCREAM. Especially the part when she’s trying on scarves and tries to explain that she was “sketching” the night before.

But the critics… they critics they tore her a new asshole. Because the clothes were f-cking budget whore. Like Guess by Georges Marciano.

On a runway? In Paris?

Pas possible.

Lilo was hired for the attention. And there was a LOT of attention. But the buyers were not impressed. And if the bottom line is to sell, the prognosis isn’t good.

Click here to see a few of the selections.

As for Lindsay herself…


She says she’s never “worked” harder in her life. She also says she’s relieved it’s over. And that the process was rather rushed this time, and this was before the show started. Almost like a built-in excuse. Of course. There’s always a built-in excuse. But there’s only one excuse for her face. Dude, you’re only 23. And note the ShameFace on Estella Archs, the woman responsible for the clothes.

Note also that despite her Twitter begging, and even though Rihanna and Katy Perry and many other celebrities were in town, no one showed to support Lindsay. After all, Rihanna and Katy were off cocktailing with Gaultier and Lagerfeld.

Like, please.

Who is Lindsay Lohan?

In Singapore Lindsay Lohan gets booed. Thanks Lavender for the sending the video.

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