Lindsay Lohan called into TMZ yesterday. Click here if you have the time to listen to almost 15 minutes of a liar’s denial. I did. So I can save you the waste. In short:

Her dad is the enemy and her ma, Dina, is the real hero, and Dina doesn’t use cocaine, and yes she gave her $40K to pay off her debts because Michael doesn’t pay child support.

Lindsay admitted that she lied about her mother using coke because she was angry and insisted that Dina does not have substance abuse issues so ...that means she must be telling the truth now? How does that even happen? That you’re so mad at your ma you’d make up a story about her being on drugs? I can understand name-calling but drug use is quite a false accusation to just throw down in the heat of an argument. And to do it on the phone with someone who’s been your mother’s adversary for so many years? To me that speaks to character. This girl will say ANYTHING. Any time. All the time. And this time she’s saying that she’s done with her dad. That it’s over. Or until she and Dina hit up a club again and get into a scrap at 4am. There will never be an end to the drama if you’re always out at 4am.

As for the money -- the NY Post is reporting that Dina’s $1.3 million in debt. Most of it is because of the house. She bought the house for $1.1 million. She still owes over $900,000 on it. I can’t understand this. And I know she’s not the only one. There are so many, so many people living in homes they can’t afford. Like it’s the same as saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. Dina Lohan lives in a home she can’t afford because she thinks she’s too good to live in one that she can afford. This, obviously, is a quality she’s passed on to her daughter. Which explains this tweet - click here to see the photo with the caption:

Birkin. Mac Computer. Chanel and a jet. Never quit fighting to live your dreams. God Bless.

It’s never free, is it? And what does Lindsay Lohan have to exchange in order to get a ride on a private jet with some skeezy millionaire? Whatever it is, mom totally approves. Mom would do it herself if those skeezy billionaires were interested.

Here’s Lindsay last night at some event to promote some energy drink. You can imagine then the low quality guest list at this party. But Lorella just messaged me all WTF because Anna Kendrick was there too. Someone needs to have a talk with Anna Kendrick’s people.