Ring shopping defiantly

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2008 16:47:00 November 6, 2008 16:47:00

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson hit up a diamond shoppe in Beverly Hills today perhaps because in spite of the best efforts of her agent, Lilo is still outta work. As such, stirring up some lesbian engagement rumours also sells photos.

Or maybe it’s a f-ck you to Prop 8 and the ignorance that supported it.

Let’s go with that.

Melissa Etheridge is going with not paying her taxes. Her position is: if she’s denied the right to full citizenship why should she have to support the state with her hard earned money?

"Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away."


Click here to read Melissa’s blog.

Photos from Flynetonline.com

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