Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson doing not much of anything yesterday in LA. And they weren’t screaming at each other on the street either. This apparently has become a frequent occurrence. Lilo finds some drama to get dramatic about, Sam tries to placate her then blows a fuse, creating more drama on top of Lindsay’s pre-existing manufactured drama. It’s so functional their relationship.

There was apparently a major meltdown a few days ago too. Details are sketchy but it’s another professional setback – word is she was hoping for a part in a movie and it fell through. And rumour has it she’s been trying to get in touch with Sean Penn who won’t call her back. They’d been talking about possibly working together, at least this is what she interpreted, but so far nothing’s materialised.

This is where spray tanning comes in handy then?

The first image from her new spray tan ad series was released the other day – click here for a refresher – and here’s another…

Orange Lilo with her toes all cocked up. Even her toes need a bump.

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