About a month ago I posted this article noting that Lindsay Lohan was starting to resemble Denise Richards.

Now she’s getting dumped for Denise Richards. By the World Music Awards. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Lilo was scheduled to host the World Music Awards in Monaco next week. Organisers supposedly fired her as a result of “negative response” and scrambled at the last minute to secure Denise who will say yes to anything. Literally.

In the end though, seriously, it’s really not so bad. In the end, it’s actually for the best.

Because Lindsay would have been cohosting with that f-cking Z list loser Jesse Metcalfe. And there is no bigger loser on the scene than Jesse Metcalfe except maybe for people who hang out with a loser like Jesse Metcalfe. Like Owen Wilson. But more on that another time.

The point is – how f*cking sad are the World Music Awards to invite Jesse f*cking Metcalfe to be their host???


If I was managing Lilo I would have straight up yanked her off the gig too. For all her problems, and she has many, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t yet hit the bottom where she’d have to take a job sharing a stage with Jesse loser f*cking Metcalfe and his lipgloss.

Denise Richards, on the other hand, is perfect.

Source ONTD