It’s a common religious theme – the idle mind is prone to sin. Very, very true of Lindsay Lohan’s life. Because when Lilo is busy, when she is hard at work, she can focus, she stays off the club circuit, she spends quiet evenings at home, and she can walk straight.

Soon as it’s over though, soon as the structure is removed from her schedule… well, in the past, she used to drive off the road. Like literally.

These days, so far, Lilo has been able to hold it together.

But over the last couple of weeks or so, a few alarming signs have emerged.

First it was the thinnification. Lilo thinnification was always a sign of trouble. We can certainly give her the benefit of the doubt though that she’s simply been vigorously hitting the gym. Only she and SamRo flew to Miami last week and according to the NY Daily News, at a party one night, they had servers slip them drinks under the table.

Now Lilo and Sam are back in LA. They spent the day shopping yesterday, puttering around, looking kinda cute actually, like a married couple at Costco but also a little bored and aimless, and then they hit up Crown Bar last night. Which doesn’t necessarily mean the worst. After all, going to a bar is innocuous enough… but is she strong enough to resist the temptation?

Sigh. Let’s hope she is.

They’re my favourite couple. I want Sam to be good for her. Is that lame? It is so lame.

Last point – having said all that and arousing all that suspicion, given her past behaviours, when Lilo fell off the wagon, it was a hasty descent. Robert Downey Jr alluded to it in an interview last week and it was also addressed by James Frey in A Million Little Pieces – a book with some very good information about addiction among his lies. Too bad Oprah had to overreact. But I digress.

For many addicts, relapse is not gradual. It’s not like hardcore addicts relapse and start off slowly, dipping their feet into the water, taking an extended period of time before the “problem” gets serious. Oftentimes when an addict relapses, he or she reverts immediately back to their old patterns. So if she was using hardcore before she quit, she’ll use hardcore again right away.

Think of addiction like a car going 100 mph. And quitting is like jumping out of it while the car is still moving. Relapse is like hopping back on, only it doesn’t slow down for you to get in your seat.

RDJ said that if he were to relapse, the first hit would undoubtedly be a public f&cking disaster. That he wouldn’t know a private mild high. My sources say Lindsay is the same way.

And since she hasn’t completely lost her mind on TMZ, chances are she’s still hanging on. For now.

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