Oh look. Everytime the judge calls, it's a fashion show. This is how Lindsay Lohan turned up for court today. If you need to know the blow-by-blow on exactly what happened, check TMZ.com. In short, she bought herself some time to "think" about a plea. I think. What she's really doing of course is stalling, hoping that the extra two weeks will buy her some favour, see if the jewellery store f-cks up again and delivers her a get out of jail free card.

Whatever. This is not a victimised, innocent girl. This is someone who TAKES. She takes when she's using. She takes when she's clean.

So let's just talk about her clothes then. That's the point of the whole exercise, isn't it? Court is a disco.

Lilo looks good from the head down. She's been hitting the gym, wants you to know. Obviously she doesn't have a pair of black trousers and a matching black cardigan over a black button down shirt. Because if you really don't want people discussing your wardrobe, isn't that what you would put on?

Her supporters and excuse makers will argue it til her next court appearance - that Lilo is serious about her legal troubles. What the outfits say to me however is that she spent more time thinking about how she'd LOOK than caring about how she'd behave. It's a form of disrespect. For the court, for the system, for the process.

But she might get some free clothes out of it for next time. So...there's that.

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