Like you’re surprised? 

There was a party, Lindsay Lohan was inside, she flipped out. Just another night.

So you know she and Samantha Ronson were booked at Mansion in Miami for a NYE gig. Well Nik who runs the website (thanks to Jon for the link) claims that he was caught in the middle of a massive lovers’ scrap last night when Lilo lost her sh-t because she thought Nik was trying to work her girlfriend. 

Apparently Lindsay was crying and flailing and, as you’d expect, appeared to be cranked off her tits. 

Of course.

Two videos of the incident are below. Nik is supposedly the one in the hat:

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson NYE fight in Miami 1:
Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson NYE fight in Miami 2:

As you can see, neither video truly corroborates his account of what happened. She’s bitching about something, sure, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be him. And truthfully, this is her regular drama whenever wherever all the time anyway. 

I’ve seen her myself on 2 such occasions. Every second for Lindsay Lohan is about Lindsay Lohan. And every Lindsay Lohan second is filled with Lindsay Lohan histrionics. There is always an imagined situation, a contrived situation, a reason to be livid, a reason to feel persecuted, insulted, hurt, bored, vulnerable, insecure, violated… 

Why was Samantha Ronson hospitalised for “exhaustion”? Because Lindsay Lohan is exhausting. Look at her. Watch her. Can you imagine having this in your life? 

More photos attached of Lilo’s staged skinny ass photo shoot on the beach yesterday and some idiot allowing their child to be close to her. 

I hate people.

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