For the girl who is on a continual loop -- “I’m an artist” “I just want to work” “I’m a good person” -- a lot of sh-t sure happens, and often.

Lindsay Lohan’s publicist, Steve Honig, has resigned. My first thought was, she can still afford a publicist? I was surprised about that, and I’m not being facetious. Good help comes with a cost, and there is a reason publicists are so heavily depended on by their celebrity clients.They can create a campaign that can win you an Oscar. They matter that much.

Whatever she was paying Honig, it wasn’t enough. In the year-and-a-half he’s repped her she has: skipped out on a bill at Chateau Marmont, had a fight with her mother in which the police were called and her dad taped a phone conversation wherein Lilo said her mom was on cocaine, went to the hospital for “exhaustion” in June, was the driver in an alleged hit-and-run in New York (no charges), was allegedly assaulted in a hotel room (no charges), and was questioned about a burglary (this is not the same case as the necklace she was convicted of stealing). What a great use of police resources.

TMZ is reporting that Honig quit because of the family drama, but there are a million reasons why he may be done with her: bounced cheque, crazy dad, enabler mom… or maybe it’s just Lilo. If this is the stuff we are seeing publicly, imagine the sh-t going on behind closed doors?

Steve Honig’s other clients have included Courtney Love, Brooke Mueller and Victoria Gotti (how gross that I just typed that). This is Lilo’s celebrity realm now. This man has worked with COURTNEY LOVE and Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, and he had to FIRE Lindsay Lohan. And when she was shopping for a rep, what were her options if she decided on someone with that roster.

Part of a publicist’s power is that they can withhold other clients to kill a story – or, if they need to, secure a cover. Movie stars, who are whiny babies about everything, share publicists not because they have to, but because it’s leverage.

What tiny bit of buffer she had with the media is gone. She may find a replacement, but who? Someone who works with VH1 reality tv people? It’s really the only option she has left.