Of course she wore white

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That Kardashian who was married this weekend asked all her guests to wear white or black. Most people would opt for black. It’s easier to find, coordinate, and, well, it speaks to choice - I CHOOSE to NOT wear the colour of the bride. It’s one thing if it’s an all-white wedding, like my cousin Cat, who basically ordered us all to wear white. (The pictures are spectacular.) It’s another when you have a decision to make and you opt to take the road less modest. Yes. That’s my side here. Black = Modest. White = Not Modest.

Lindsay Lohan = Not Modest.


As if there was any doubt.

But holy motherf-cking crazy ass injection all up in her face.

Have you seen these? You must have seen these by now. Of the Lohans, Lindsay and Dina, getting ready for the wedding, and Lindsay Lohan’s jacked up face taking over the show. I should remind you that she just turned 25. And she used to be a pretty popular Young Hollywood Actress. And now she’s a mere guest at the wedding of a reality show twat wearing what can only be described as a KNOCK-OFF of a KNOCK-OFF of a Roberto Cavalli!

For shame, girl. For goddamn shame.

And the shoes. And the hair. And so much.

But before you come pounding out an email to me arguing about compassion and how sad you feel for this loser... pause and consider this:

These photos were sold by an agency. They were labelled “exclusive” and they were distributed through an agency much like you would paparazzi pictures. As you can see, these are not “candids”. These were taken with access to their suite. That photographer was invited. INVITED.

So here’s a piece of sh-t who sues people for making reference to the FACT that she was jailed, multiple times, who complains all over Twitter that the paps are harassing her, allowing a pap inside her private quarters to take pictures of her TO BE SOLD.

Some people are just assholes. They are beyond help. Some people are just dickheads all the way through. They don’t deserve your compassion, sympathy, understanding. So don’t feel bad as you devour these now and piss all over how pathetic she is. These were meant to be publicly enjoyed. And the fact that you don’t feel about them the way she wanted you to - it’s not your problem that she’s a f-cking loser.

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