Lindsay LOHAN was released from house arrest yesterday. Her 25th birthday is on Saturday. Great timing.

There was a really funny story that LOHAN’s people fed to TMZ yesterday about her being afraid to go out because of the paps. At the time, they insisted that LOHAN would be staying home for a while. Hilarious, right?

Guess what she did last night?

Of course. She hit the bar/club/lounge. For 5 hours. With Emile Hirsch, a total winner, and Lynsey Fonseca of Nikita. Here’s LOHAN leaving Lexington Social Club last night looking, as you can see, super terrified (but mostly smug) as she faced the paps. This is, naturally, a TERRIFIC destination on the same day the court released her from punishment. Makes a really great impression.

But I’m young! I just want to have fun with my friends! I deserve it!

She always deserves it.

And July has always been an eventful month for LOHAN. She chased a few dudes down the Pacific Coast Highway in July a few years ago. So now that she’s free, and we already know she’s been using alcohol while confined to her own home (she tested positive for it earlier this month) there will be undoubtedly be a struggle given that she’s out in the open.

I’ve always said this about Lindsay Lohan – rehab is about adjusting habits, and her bad habits aren’t just drugs and drinking. In LA she will always be surrounded by those people, especially when she’s frequenting the bar/club/lounge circuit just hours after her release. If you can’t get away from the environment and the enablers that were enabling your sh-t, how will you ever be rid of the sh-t?

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